If Disney Ran Your Life

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At Disney, we are never satisfied with the current way we do things. We are always in pursuit of “better” – including “breakthroughs and game changers”.

“We build digital experiences that directly impact the theme park through end-to-end experiences. Think about FastPass+, MagicBands, Mobile Ordering, Wayfinding—it’s really complex and our scale is just so huge.”  –Nicole, Director, Digital Experience

  1. FastPass+
  2. MagicBands
  3. Mobile Ordering
  4. Wayfinding

Breakthroughs and game changers.

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If Disney Ran Your Life

Creating this workbook is a great business lesson

Disney's Cinderella Castle
i must always remember my roots, my DNA.


Creating this workbook is a great business lesson. Should you pay by the hour or by the project? i do not have the definitive answer, but i do know this workbook will be well over $1,000 to design. Learning expensive lessons comes with the territory. Especially when you hire the best people. There’s a decent chance this workbook will be a breakthrough. Breakthroughs generally are worth every penny you spend.

PS. After this was written, the printing cost alone was $50 per book for 40 copies ($2,000 plus $1,000+ to design = $3,000+). Each book had a tangible $75 price tag. i did not factor in any of my time, which would up the price significantly. The client will never know.




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The great Summer of 2012

The only way to discover what’s been undiscovered is to search for it

small town
bricks, sky, and small-town water tower are very….small-town like

red is very…

The only way to discover what remains undiscovered is to search for it. It does’t get any simpler than that.

The only way to stay on the hunt is to have a reason so compelling, no amount of obstacles will stop you.

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PS. These five daily blogs are one small personal example of undiscovered territory. My model for personal wellness and work life balance is another. Announcing my retirement date five years early is another….

But The Bigger Question Is?

Yesterday I eloquently droned on about thinking like a failure, whatever that means, right?

Well guess what else?  I’d like to drone on about what does yesterday’s post mean to you today?  Because if it meant nothing to you, guess what?

Seriously, if I have to explain this (again) to you, you may not get it.

Hey, you do know I’m only talking to myself and none of this is meant to make you feel uncomfortable (yes it is).  Having tough conversations with myself is the most effective way to push the limits of my abilities.

What do you do to push the limits of your abilities?  You do push yourself, right?