Am I The Only One?

Just like last year when we swore this year would be different

Mid Life Celebration the book
Mid Life Celebration is blowing people’s minds all over the USA


December 11, 2013 and the clock is ticking towards the end of the year holidays as we frantically try to do it all, just like last year when we swore this year would be different.

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Professionally Speaking

He Said I Make A Lot Of Promises. Uh oh!

January 21, 2012....picture perfect central Florida day...
Almost as good as a deserted island...
There's a time and a place for everything (but no definitive guide).

Yesterday while basking in the warm Florida sunshine and warm company of fellow Scouts, my Son told me I make a lot of promises. This frightened me. A lot. He didn’t say I keep a lot of promises.

Did I not pursue clarification yesterday because of the pain it may inflict on my psyche? Or did I exercise wisdom to allow space and time to get a better opportunity to ask about it? We’ll see…

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