Hurry up, we’re almost out of time

swimming merit badge

Hurry up, we’re almost out of time. Many midlife adults find themselves pressed for time to do all the things we think are important. Right now, I’m writing blog posts while my Son is earning his swimming merit badge.

On one hand, I’m not there to observe. On the other hand, I’m 10-hours from home sleeping in the same campsite. On the other hand, he needs to be given space to grow. On the other hand, we are making amazing leadership connections just walking and talking.

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One Thing Busy Leaders Rarely Give Conscious Thought To Is How To Have A Purposeful Culture

Signs and symbols help build a successful culture (common sense)

Never is the culture of an organization tested more than in stressful economic times. Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it. Holiday stress just makes a challenging situation worse. Signs and symbols are the visual language that shapes employee (and customer) thinking. Yet busy leaders have no idea what jeff noel is talking about right now.

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