Facebook thread today said, “You get what you give”. In business and in life, you get what you give.  We all know this yet sometimes we forget. One of the reasons we forget is that as humans we are easily distracted, because we are so busy doing all the things humans do. And occasionally, like […]

This Blog Is For My Son

This blog is for my son. Since it’s inception, it has always been for my son.  Period. People who know me well, are crystal clear that I do things purposefully. And when it looks like the path I’m walking is leading away from where we’re headed, it’s only because heading away is the best path […]

You’ll Never Come Up With Anything Original

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original”.   — Sir Ken Robinson Ok, just know this up front, this video is 19 minutes.  And I guarantee if you are smart enough to watch it, you will thank me for finding it. Click here to be enlightened and to […]

Seth Godin, BFF?

Seth Godin’s perspective on Leading. It’s quite common for me to fantasize that Walt Disney and I are related because of the similarities in the way I believe our thinking aligns. Come to find out there’s another “crazy man” out there that is growing on me.  Seth Godin. It almost makes you want to snort […]

jungle jeff Social Media Expert?

jungle jeff Social Media Expert?  Maybe. Says who? You know how you get to be an expert? I certainly didn’t.  Because I , and so few others, stick with anything long enough and passionately enough to master it, let alone become the teacher. That’s when you start becoming the expert.  When people come to you […]