i love blogging

i love blogging.

What i’ve learned in the past 24 hours is that you can post date a post.

Meaning, you can write a post and have it post “live” on a date from the past.

So yesterday and today (Nov 24-25, 2017), i’m writing and posting blogs in places/dates where they used to be before i went back and deleted them.

Remember my trepidation with Disney Institute’s social media policy – or lack thereof?

Well, posts like this one fix that so my website calendars show the accurate reflection of writing every day since April Fools Day 2009.Dude, that’s

Dude, that’s 3,159 consecutive days.

Eight years, seven months and 25 days.

And counting.


Here’s to the crazy ones

Here’s to the crazy ones. who move forward

The ones who move forward.

The ones who don’t know the way.

The ones who go, even though the path is dark, potentially dangerous, and full of uncertainty.

Yeah, here’s to the crazy ones.