Three calls and a pattern

Disneyland Magic Happens parade performer
More Joy? At Disney, the concept of being onstage is relevant to every single Cast Member.

Three calls and a pattern.

Spoke yesterday with Megan in Colorado Springs, Calvin in Louisville, and Steve (from New Jersey) in Miami Beach.


Each had questions.

The pattern?

  • Offered time to engage with them
  • We went over the 30-minute call window
  • All are fascinated with .think .differently

Pay it back or pay it forward – this is why these calls happen.

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Four against one and they lost

Disney legacy Award
The comment by Jeff is not me. Pretty sure it is J. Jeff Kober, former Disney Cast Member, Disney Author, consultant, and Founder of Disney At Work.

Best Buy last night for one wifi lightbulb. Easy peasy. Get up to the front of the checkout que easily because it was empty. Four cashiers at the registers.

i waited to be called by one of them.


It was fascinating.

When i was finally called, the cashier kept talking with the cashier next to him, as if i wasn’t there.

Seriously, this fascinated me so much that i remarked about how four cashiers with no customers in front of them and i had to wait.

Gave a free customer service riff in hopes it will help them up their customer service game.

Not unhappy nor disappointed, but definitely pointed.

Son, wake ups calls, of any duration or magnitude are gifts. In the choice to be grateful or angry, choose grateful.

PS. i wrote you a book and published it in 2013…it’s the antithesis of a Mid Life Crisis wake-up call.

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Thank goodness for life’s sucker punches

Cinderella Castle under construction
Cinderella Castle 1971. Photo source unknown, from the Internet perhaps.


Thank goodness for life’s sucker punches.

It was 2008-2009 at Walt Disney World and a new round of layoffs was in progress.

This time, the first time in my 24 years at Disney, it didn’t make sense.

It didn’t make sense for many people, including me. The bottomline was this: i felt vulnerable, and i had never experienced that before.

i hated it.

But then i embraced it.

It was in finding the silver lining that i was able to thrive.

And i decided the best time to create a plan b was when i didn’t need to.

That’s how my business, and early Disney retirement (after 30 incredible years) idea was born.




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.

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Re: 9/11… What if everyone did?

Desserted Iowa City street at 6am
Looking south on Clinton Street in Iowa City


Desserted Iowa City street at 6am
Looking north on Clinton Street in Iowa City


June 3rd as this is penned. September 11 as it is published.

Why write 100 days ahead? Three reasons:

  1. Suffering from writer’s flood
  2. Find solace that no one knows when our house is down a person
  3. It’s so different from status quo – this makes traveling this uncharted path very exciting

So weird that these photos were chosen randomly this morning before the math said it would go live on 9/11.

Almost a guarantee that no one is thinking about 9/11 on June 3.


What if everyone did?

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