If Disney Ran Your Life

Talking trash at an entirely ​new level

Walt Disney picking up trash
People go nuts when they see a photo like this. Why? Not sure. What stops any of us from picking up trash all the time? Walt’s actions shouldn’t surprise us.

Talking trash at an entirely new level.

Disney trash cans now have “self-notifying” sensors inside signaling when it’s full enough to be emptied.

The road to excellence has no finish line. Never be satisfied that you have “finally arrived”.

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Emotion Trumps Everything

This Disney photo explains why jungle jeff is so obsessed with certain things

Walt Disney World Resort Trash cans
Serious (obsessive) effort and detail for a simple trash receptacle, no?


The companies that have the longest term employee and customer loyalty – like Disney and Apple – earn that admirable reputation because of their focus and discipline on the smallest details.

It’s baked into their hardware (like trash cans) and manifested in their software – their insanely helpful employees.

It’s rare, hence valuable.

The recipe is simple.

Be nice to everyone, all the time.

And the unspoken part is this – whether they feel like it or not.

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