Dear Son, Part 4 of 5

Try to become the very best at whatever it is you do…

Dear son, your contribution to society will be a long journey of self-discovery. Or maybe not. Don’t worry, most people don’t know what they want to be when they grow up.

There will be phases and cycles in your career journey. Promotions. Setbacks. Glorious triumph. And unfair treatment.

Take the good with the bad, learn from both. Continuously work to improve yourself. Society will pay you back with a salary. For example, 3 public speaking jobs:

  1. Jungle Cruise Skipper = less than $100 per day
  2. Corporate Professional Speaker = $100’s per day
  3. Self Employed Entrepreneurial Speaker = $1,000’s per day

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Are You Teaching Others?


To teach is to learn twice.

Are you teaching others?

This jungle jeff blog is about Money, and our contribution to society.

Do you teach those around you the relative significance to pursuing, discovering, and then harnessing their contribution to society?

You can cook the french fries, you can manage the restaurant, or you can own the franchise.

Each level has a certain skill set, a list of pros and cons, as well as a list of expectations.

Society pays us accordingly for that.

With money, we can buy food, shelter, transportation, insurance, help others, etc.

Are you teaching others?

Here’s Who Wins

It's Who You Know
It's Who You Know

The person who works harder and longer than anyone else wins.

Life may seem unfair, personally or professionally.

But actually, life is fair.

What doesn’t seem fair is how hard we need to work to survive and thrive.

If you want the job, it’s simple, you must be the best person out of all the others.

You must bring with you more of what they want than any of the other candidates.

And sometimes, it’s the relationship piece, not the technical qualification, that is the most important.

Figure it out.

Finding Our Passion

Fortune What?
Fortune What?

Finding our passion and pursuing our dreams with sheer determination is something we all dream about.

When is the best time to ease off the dreaming and ramp up the doing? It really depends. There’s so much to consider. So much to take into account.

Have you given up?

Eventually, most people give up. I almost did too. Then a small child was born. He changed my life and my purpose. He was and is the catalyst that inspires me to work tirelessly.

Over time, my five daily blogs have slowly, but surely been getting better. It’s funny sometimes, to think that many readers have no idea how hard I work in my professional position with a Fortune 100 company.

All this blogging is extra. Ya with me? Extra. What are you doing that’s extra? That’s hard?  That’s difficult? That you love so much you can’t stop?

My blogs are so basic and simple it’s almost embarrassing.  When there’s some “spare” time, I’ll be looking to take another step to jazz up the blogs.  I’ll be clicking here for more WordPress Theme tips.

Do you let what you can’t do stop you from what you can?