Anyone Else Think Like This?

Balance Can Ruin Your Career

Large Mickey Balanced On Palm Tree
Large Mickey Balanced On Palm Tree

Balance can ruin your career.

What the….

Are you kidding me?


What Are You Waiting For?

4 Ways to Measure Social Media Impact

Prepare For Battle?
Prepare For Battle?

Great article on four ways to measure social media impact.

Seth Godin’s blog post today is a wake up call.

Your phone has been ringing, just like mine.

You are self-employed.

Check your voice mail…

Am I The Only One?

Don’t Be

Do Not, Under Any Circumstances
Do Not, Under Any Circumstances

Yesterday was an awesome day.

How was yours?

Everyday should be an awesome day, even the ones that pin us down and make it difficult to breath.


Because that’s the way life works.

Pretending it doesn’t is foolish.

Don’t be an educated fool.

Could This Change Your Life? What Are You Waiting For?

Do You Know Who You Are?

This Takes You To A Special Place
This Takes You To A Special Place

As you rush through your insane busy days, do you take make time to pause and ground your thoughts and actions with your core being?

We see it in others every single day.

But we can’t see it in ourselves.

I cannot recall the last time, if ever, I’ve provided a link to this blog. It represents the very core of what I believe. You may not believe what I believe and that’s not the point. The point is, whatever you believe, do you believe it all the way and do you use it all day long to drive your work towards excellence?

No really

jungle jeff Is

Where Will Your Career Take You?
Where Will Your Career Take You?

jungle jeff Is:

  • An idea
  • One of Life’s Big Four
  • A Business
  • A Website
  • A Blog
  • A Way Of Thinking
  • Our Financial Responsibility
  • A Movement

Every ant in the ant mound and every bee in the bee hive makes a contribution. Same with humans. Generally speaking, society pays us money relative to our contribution.

With money, we can buy food, shelter, transportation, insurance, and help others.

Money isn’t the root of all evil, it is the love of money that is the trap. Making money is challenging. Investing it and growing it are even more so. But we need to figure it out – it’s our adult responsibility.