Strike while hot

lake rainbow
Rainbows don’t last long. Watch them when you can.

The time to strike is while the iron is hot.

You know what i’m referring to.

Do it.

Like, “This time i really mean it!”

You have taken early-2022 adversity and channeled it into an unpredictable – and unbelievable – advantage.

Literally unbelievable.

Go forth and slay this!

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Heaven forbid we get so used to this that we never change

Chances are great we are living in a rat race, on the treadmill of mediocrity. Heaven forbid we get so used to this that we never change.



Ask just one simple question to the person in your mirror, “Am I an example or a warning?”

The catalyst for change almost always comes from someone who is gentle, generous, and direct (and won’t tolerate any excuses).

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Should we, will we, are we… A catalyst for positive change?

a catalyst for positive change (photo: a friend)
a catalyst for positive change (photo: a friend)

Most of us want to help others more than we do. Yet our daily grind puts pressure on our valuable time. And distracts us.

Some lucky folks actually have it embedded in their job description.

Well, sort of, truth be told, few of us actually have it written in our job descriptions. The work-around?

Just need to put it there ourselves. Just do it!

We are hereby granted permission to re-write creatively.

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Dream Big!

This blog has been an inspiring way to look at my personal mission to be a catalyst for positive change.

Writing here, has stretched my thinking, and has absolutely made me a better presenter and professional speaker.  Period.  End of story.

I am even going to go so far as to say it is, a dramatic leap from my old thinking, and my old performing.  Seriously!

The big vision?  To become world-class!  As a professional speaker.

Remember, I’m the crazy guy who says, “If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough“!

Make today an opportunity to get one day closer to your dramatic leap in thinking and performing, because if you don’t, who will?  Carpe diem, jungle jeff  🙂