You made it to 60, now what?

Family Christmas
Life is a blur. Enjoy that. Having Chapin along for 19 years has been icing on the cake. So insanely lucky.

You made it to 60, now what?

Live like you mean it.
Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Read a great book today. A masterpiece in your eyes. Yeah, read that one. Hopefully it’ll only take an hour.

The book is generous, gentle, direct, and compellingly hopeful.

Think deeper, smile more, feel grateful everyday.

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jungle old header


(photo: Old header for this website… took photo with phone years ago… drain cover at Walt Disney World)

A half-hour has been blocked at 3:30pm today to gather for jungle jeff’s ‘Disney years of service’ award. Thirty years at Disney used to be rare back in the day. Most of the people receiving that milestone were hired as part of the opening team in 1971 or hired shortly thereafter.

You felt privileged to be in attendance at their special recognition.

Nowadays, 30 years isn’t such a big deal.

Unless it’s you.

Then it’s pretty surreal.

While 30 years at Disney isn’t rare, 30 years with a single organization in 2014 is.

The nervous part?

Hard to explain.


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Celebration or Crisis? A choice each of us gets to make.

Midlife Celebration book at Disneyland Town Square
Celebration or Crisis? A choice each of us gets to make.


It’s currently incomprehensible that a single day could begin without private, quiet contemplative time before the sun comes up.

This truly has been a game changing discovery.

And life changing habit.

It requires giving up a few things:

  • watching TV
  • staying up late

The harsh reality is life requires commitment and decisiveness.

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What does the name ‘Disney’ mean to you?

Celebration Place 220 building at night
Used to work in this building. Still drop off dry-cleaning here.


The name Disney means so many amazing things to so many people, including yours truly.

Can you imagine taking your dry-cleaning to Walt Disney World Resort?

What does the name ‘Disney’ mean to you?

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Being Brave Means Being Humble

A professional speaker has to get used to being on center stage. Has to.

Sure, it would be easy to label me jeff noel arrogant or not humble. I mean, seriously, look at how often Mid Life Celebration uses it’s name. Repetition of keywords is a leadership proposition if you want Google page rank. Google page rank is needed if you want to reach your audience – say, 1.2 million male Baby Boomers. If your dream is small (and that’s okay) or you don’t want or need page rank, this seems superfluous.

At the end of the day, trying to help make the world a little nicer by posting five blogs a day for nearly three straight years is a gracious offer – by anyone’s standards.

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