Being Brave Means Being Willing To Keep Experimenting With Increasing Better Ways To Write, Or Whatever

Nearly 30 years old...never heard of Jimmy Johns. Now there's one in Orlando.

Being a successful human being, as Baby Boomers well know, requires a continuous improvement approach to life. The real challenge is to know when we have landed on perfection and when we still have a long way to go. The only way to know is by trial and error. Never get bored with the basics, like experimentation. How do you know when to push and when to hold?

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Being Brave Means Being Willing To Look Foolish In The Short Term, Because In The Long Term We Won’t

Walking and walking sticks make a good combination. Any kid can tell you that.

Thousands of visits per day and growing. Feels really nice. At the end of the day, however, does it press The Movement forward? Search Engine Optimization is just one of the things a boot-strapped small business entrepreneur has to focus on. In many cases it’s a DIY project. Never get bored with the basics.

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Mid Life Celebration Asks, What Has Been The Most Influential Book You’ve Read In The Past Three Years And Why?

Dallas, Texas Airport, Fall 2011

Boomers, Midlife Celebration wants to know how committed you are to reading influential books, because there’s very little time to indulge in reading for self-improvement. If we read many books, we’re bound to find a few home runs. A few of jeff noel’s most impactful reads:

Any must reads you’d like to recommend?

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Nearly All Midlife Celebration’s Spiritual Thinking Happens Over At jeff

There is an undeniable connectedness between Mind, Body, Spirit, Money and HQ

Nearly all of Midlife Celebration’s spiritual thinking happens at jeff noel’s website and blog dedicated to our spiritual responsibility. And of course, here at jungle jeff, the focus is on our career (money). And at Lane 8, it’s about our physical responsibility. Fitness allows us to withstand stress and carry on where unfit leaders may not. The photo’s message comes from the Oval Office.

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Most Midlife Celebration Movement Members Know What This Image Is And Who Inspired It

Most Midlife Celebration Movement members know what this is and who inspired it

Most midlife celebration movement members know this image and know who inspired it. Spaceship Earth, Walt Disney World’s Epcot, Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney, 1982, Future World….one incomplete image captures all these descriptive words.

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