Walt Disney Was Inspired

Walt Disney was inspired. No one was more passionate about his vision for Family Entertainment than he was. And when Walt Disney died in 1966, his brother, Roy O. Disney, had a big decision to make. Walt Disney and his associates purchased 43-square miles of virgin swamp, pine forest and oak hammock in central Florida. […]

Are The Long Hours Worth It?

Age-old question. What do you think?  What’s your opinion? “It depends,” is the first thing that comes to mind.  Mostly the long hours are worth it.  If. If? Yes, if. If it drives your ego, your title, your salary, your corner office, your feeling of self-worth – then no. If it drives your ability to […]

Finding Our Passion

Finding our passion and pursuing our dreams with sheer determination is something we all dream about. When is the best time to ease off the dreaming and ramp up the doing? It really depends. There’s so much to consider. So much to take into account. Have you given up? Eventually, most people give up. I […]

General George Patton

“Say what you mean and mean what you say.” — General George S. Patton Looks good on paper; however, most people are too afraid to say what they mean. And if they do say what they mean, they don’t say it like they mean it. Too chicken. Human nature. Pathetic. And we complain and wonder […]

Lizard Breath?

What the?  Lizard breath? Yes. Weird titles can be effective. Sometimes. Today’s post is about helping us understand our inherent resistance to change, even though we know change is the way. What about providing links to other bloggers who are smarter, more successful and have way more readers than you? What about it?  Who cares, […]