Brand Loyalty

He did something that crushed it all

Disney Cast Members
Tom (right) was our heir apparent for Bob Iger’s position (Disney CEO). The Board nixed it. Tom is no longer with Disney but he was at Disney yesterday, working.


Disney Grand Floridian Cast Members
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa Cast Members. Rare to see two Walt Disney Legacy name tags this close together.


Disney Cast Members
me, Pete, and Jerry. Jerry and i go back almost three decades. Pete and i, about three minutes.


Disney Cast Members
Brett has a twin brother Brent. Brett and Brent are known among Grand Cast as “the Twins”. Have known them both for almost three decades. The Grand is a special Disney Family atmosphere.


He did something that crushed it all.

Whatever it was, it couldn’t outweigh all the good he did.

When the Disney Board speaks, people listen.

So Bob Iger extended his contract at CEO.

PS. Richard is 92 years young.

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One Question A Day?

Is this the greatest leadership challenge?

Airport overflow parking at sunrise
Yesterday, like the day before that, and again this morning, began the same. Darkness turns to dawn. Dawn turns to sunrise. The sun moves across the sky. Etc.


Letting go of things that don’t matter may be the greatest leadership challenge we ever face.





They pile up and overwhelm us.


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One Question A Day?

What’s the point of a (72-hour) challenge?

Disney Leadership author jeff noel
Yesterday, October 9, Day 31 of an epic 365-day writing challenge.


What’s the point of a challenge?

Just think about the question’s significance for a moment. And be mindful we aren’t always receptive to someone else challenging us.

Maybe that’s why challenges, especially brief ones, may not be something we’d give serious attention too.

Maybe never.

What can possibly be accomplished within 72 hours?

Here are some of my 72-hour challenges, they all began small and all transformed me:

  • i conclude every speech with a 72-hour challenge (since 2013)
  • i always use lower case i in all communications (lesson in humilty, since 2009)
  • lower case name on book (which authors do that?) (2013 Amazon)
  • 1 year not using me, my, i, mine (email, text, 1825 blog posts, Tweets, FB, LI) (2013)
  • answer every message within 24 hours (since 07.01.15)
  • drive the speed limit without exception (since 1999)
  • start each day on your knees, without exception (since 1999)
  • remain patient, without exception (2003, when our son was 2 years old)
  • don’t go more than 72 hours without exercising, some exceptions allowed (04.01.99)
  • eliminate cursing (1984 when i returned to Disney)
  • remain in constant gratitude, even when the sky is falling (since 1996)

What is the power of a catalyst?

No spark, no fire

No fire, no hope

No hope, no plan

No plan, no transformation


It all starts with a spark; some small change that leads to transformation if practiced, and honed, long enough.


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One Question A Day?

Where does our leadership vision go wrong?

Muhlenberg College stadium
Mules serve a great purpose, but not if you need a race horse.


Text book leadership theory is a poor servant. So are MBA degrees.

Launch something of your very own and you’ll quickly discover what works in the real world and what doesn’t. You’ll also discover what the marketplace is really buying. Hint, it ain’t you’re college degree(s).




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.

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Professionally Speaking

Are we called to be signs of contradiction?

Dynamic Catholic booth in Narthex.
Yesterday at Church.


All are entitled to be dynamic in life, few grant themselves permission.

This post starts off spiritually but quickly addresses the business leadership application.

Pastor Ennis who recently celebrated 50 years as a Priest, caught many of us off guard yesterday at Mass. He said:

 “We are called to be signs of contradiction.”

To be a thought-provoking apostle.

Immediately thought of the business leader’s job.

To be a though-provoking leader.

To rattle the cage of everyone she leads.

Because if employees keep thinking the same way they always do and expect consistent improvements, or even a breakthrough, then we don’t need that leader.

We don’t need that leader because that leader isn’t leading.

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