Riddle me this

  Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.  – Vala Afshar   Summarized understanding of challenges and opportunities from our Summer talks: It’s clear the frontline has great communication with direct leader but there is  poor communication perception […]

Would have been more impressive had he worn his t-shirt

      Would have been more impressive (to me) had he worn his signature t-shirt. That’s his brand statement. Why deviate? Sure, there’s a time and a place for everything. Yet there’s literally an exception to every rule.   •  •  •  •  • This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about our HQ, […]

Such is life

  From the previous post’s insight on nature, this human incident is a reminder that before advances in civilization and healthcare, an injured creature has little hope for survival. Nature is brutal (and beautiful). But humans have discovered means to advance (evolve) in ways we rarely see in other species. Human intellect solves many challenges. […]