The one negative common theme bad leaders and bad parents share

American phrases
busy as a beaver is an American phrase to describe feeling overworked

The main culprit for being bad at anything is this – not devoting enough time to the human element. Parents, and especially leaders, can become really good at doing things while simultaneously neglecting the needy – the human element.

Just take a moment and think of your own situation. When was the last time you asked someone to back off with all the recognition you’ve been receiving?

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Fortune Favors The Brave

Fortune favors the brave.  It does indeed.  But what does that mean, “favors you“?  Or what does it mean, “brave“?

This sounds pretty inspiring, yet how do we apply it or gauge whether we are brave?  Try this on for size.

I believe if everyone likes you, you are not brave enough.  Courage implies risk. And risk implies challenging the status quo. Generally, people do not like being challenged.

This also applies to us when we look in the mirror.  I am often tempted to not  challenge myself to do more, do better, do differently.


Because it’s too much work, too much risk, too much uncertainty. Isn’t it?  Ever find yourself thinking like this?  Good.

Most people intuitively understand that hard work pays off, that uncertainty is part of life, that risk is a key ingredient for continuous improvement and that fortune favors the brave.