Walt Disney Loved Pictures & Travel

Walt Disney Loved Pictures & Travel.  Who doesn’t?  Here are a few photos from this month’s travels to Finland & Chicago.

The Masters Track & Field World Championships in Lahti, Finland and the Western Hemisphere’s tallest building in Chicago: (note, you may click on photos to enlarge to read)

Thought representing the USA at World’s and stepping out on The Ledge, were impossible.

Disney has helped me realize the only limitations I have are those I impose upon myself.  In passing this on to our son, I am reminded, “To teach is to learn twice”.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

Don’t Get Arrested

Do what you fear, but don’t get arrested.  Sometimes, if not more often, we must do what we fear to overcome it.

This has been challenging, considering  all the places I’ve lived and worked – 35 years in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Idaho, Florida and Washington State.

Bottom line, my thirst for pushing boundaries tends to threaten others. Since turning 50 in June, I have flat out accepted this is who I am – a game changer.  Maybe this will be September’s theme.  Maybe not.

Let’s go back two days to The Ledge, at the western hemisphere’s tallest building:

Went out on The Ledge five times. Would have done it even more, except it was a very busy Friday night in Chicago.

“So what”? Exactly.  So what!  I’ve never been more impatient with the status quo.

Turbulent times call for unprecedented creative efforts.  In order to teach our son patience, I constantly remind myself to relax and be patient.  One day soon, some one will ask, “Will you share your vision with us”?

While I went to The Ledge five times that night, Walt Disney lived his whole life on The Ledge.  Wonder if we’re related. Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂

jungle jeff, Risk Taker

jungle jeff, risk taker, on The Ledge.

Friday evening, I walked to the Willis Tower (formerly The Sears Tower). The 1.5 miles took about an hour, with the numerous photo stops.

Going there was a mission.  A mission to stretch myself.

Spent two full days in Chicago, exiting, motivating and inspiring a great organization to reach even greater heights.  To go out on the ledge, so to speak and challenge themselves to do something they think can’t be done – destroy the status quo.

I felt an absolute calling to go to the ledge.  The ledge is a very scary place to be.

How can professional speakers – motivational speakers – inspire others to do impossible things if they themselves aren’t motivated and aren’t capable of doing impossible things?

Walt Disney never asked his associates to do anything he thought was impossible.  Walt always thought things were possible, even if everyone around him didn’t.

Same with me.  I’ll never ask my son, wife, or anyone else in our family to do anything impossible.

But maybe I should.  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂