Childhood dreams should not rot on the vine

Delta International flight purchase screen shot
Photo of yesterday’s flight purchase for WMA Championships.


Planning on bad things to happen – worst case scenario – is common in business. It’s part of the risk exploration, risk tolerance, and risk recovery planning.

Great companies over-manage this.

Good companies either under-manage this or ignore it altogether.

Same with individuals.

Chasing a dream to be an Olympian.

Remember that book about excuses, regrets, and second chances?

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The Long Way Is The Short Cut

Repetition, excellence, patience, values, these are all vital leadership ingredients.

If yesterday’s message was “patience is a virtue” then today’s followup is that the long way is the short cut. From developing boys into men to developing adults into leaders.

The first leadership victory begins with self-mastery (or at least pretty close).

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The Opposite Of Go Is To Not Go…Doesn’t Get Any Clearer Than This, Does It?

It’s not unlikely that midlife Baby Boomers will feel lost, or maybe as if their life is going in circles. With our inherited wisdom and acute awareness of common sense, we Boomers are really at the threshold of something great – the opportunity to follow our childhood dreams. Truly, to be happy, and then to be at peace, we must go.

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