The promiscuousness of choice

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My final Cross-U shift on New Year’s Eve day 2013 at the Popcorn Cart in front of The Chamber of Commerce on Main Street USA.
candy dish
Carl Matlock, friend and Disney colleague, is intentional with this candy dish on his desk.
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Walt Disney was a genius.
Disney jeff noel author
End of 2013, signing piles of my first book.

The promiscuousness of choice.

Tempting to not take the time, effort, and risk to decide for ourselves – out of all the noise – what our simple and guiding principles will be for our mind, body, spirit, work, and home.

At some point, we really should decide.

Growing up, it would have been great to have had a wise elder convince me of this through their own example.

Instead, becoming a Father in 2000, in my early 40’s, was the catalyst for personal transformation.

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Given the chance we almost always avoid it

Gapingvoid art
Metaphorically speaking, you need to want change as much as you want your next breath.


Given the chance to avoid change, we’ll likely take it.

Given the chance, we’ll interpret our opportunity to change as too difficult, too time consuming, too disruptive, and too painful.

Given the chance, we’d rather talk about how miserable uncomfortable we are than do anything that will change our circumstances.




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Happy Friday

So much to say, so little time.

Ever feel like that?

If you’ve become a regular reader of jungle jeff, THANK YOU.  I welcome your input on how to make this more relevant and useful.   I’ve always said, “The road to excellence has no finish line.”

Wish I had the wisdom to know how to create the perfect blog.  You know the one, a blog that exceeds every one’s expectations.

What is wisdom anyway?

In the spirit of sharing and inspiring, click on WISDOM, to see a short video with insights from some wise people you’ll recognize.

Hope your day is full of wise choices and inspiration.  May I challenge you to make it that kind of day, because if you don’t, who will?  Carpe diem, jungle jeff 🙂