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This is, as far as i can remember, a first on any of my blogs – a cut and paste  – this one from James Altucher’s blog

G) ABV. Always Be Vulnerable. 

Nobody wants to hear from Invulnerable Man. They want to hear where you are scared and vulnerable and feeling insecure. Because we all do.

Poor speakers create an artificial divide between themselves and the audience. They feel they need to do this in order to establish their own credibility.

Let me tell you – there is no such thing as credibility. In 100 years there will be no buildings named after any of us.

Somebody has to be on stage and some people have to be in the audience. That’s the only difference.

Don’t put any thought as to WHY you are on the stage or how you need to be “better” than the people in the audience. You aren’t better. You’re simply the speaker.

We all woke up lonely and confused this morning. What a miracle that we get to speak to each other.

And even better, we feed the soul by listening to each other. Ultimately, the best speakers are the ones who have put 10,000 hours into listening.

– the end –

Okay, now back to me. Everyone wants to be on the winning team if given a choice. Personally, i want to hear from someone who burned the ships. i want vision, courage, purpose.

And, and this is a BIG and, i think adults are smart enough to know that there is no such thing as invulnerable man. Everyone gets that life is hard.

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The vision has to be simple, otherwise plan on failing

Disney Management Soeakers


(photo: October 30, 2014. One day before the last day of a 30 year run. Had briefly entertained the notion of retiring with Bob until Bob extended his contract three more years.)

Bob Iger speaks briefly about Disney’s three pillars:

  1. Creativity
  2. Technology
  3. Globalization.


The vision has to be simple.

Has to.

For a Fourtune 6 Most Admired Company.

For each of us.

Here’s one Company’s simple vision:

The World’s Most Admired Company

Here’s one person’s simple vision:

Humble servant

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