One big, deep, nagging concern

Boba Fett Disney+ chapter list
Chapter 5 will be fun to watch tonight. Probably peacefully. Yet imagine living next to a Church that regularly hosts outdoor concerts. And the stage and speakers are pointed at your living room.

Huge opportunity regarding Lakeside Church operations.

It’s raining.

And cold.

Without the rain the plan is to meet Chuck at Church, drive to my home, and walk a mile back to Chuck’s car.

Two umbrellas will allow this to happen even in the rain.

Want to bless Chuck with an opportunity to experience how far away i am and still hear the Church business inside our home.

Over the years, the noise volume has grown louder, happens more frequently, and event durations last longer. As the Church grows, so too will these business outputs.

Any residential neighbor producing similar noise levels would immediately be asked to turn the noise down dramatically. Which begs the question then…

Is it true that no one is above the law?

Asked Chuck for a hug. We reassured each other that neither is angry. Reminded Chuck i’m here to help be part of the solution, offering my business insights and advisory experience.

Chuck made it crystal clear his mission is greater than any residential subdivision’s mission. And that he will do what he is legally able to do to get there.

He believes he is lawfully complying within his permitted codes.

The obvious challenge is without a shared public document in both our hands, neither of us knows the letter of the Church’s code requirements.

i wish us both nothing but the best intentions, the best outcomes, and a future so bright, we gotta wear shades.

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Balance your audacity

If your enrollment is down, look in the mirror.

When i first started at Disney Institute, the Director shared invaluable advice,  “Jeff, if you look out at your audience and they looked bored, you’re boring them.”

Leaders who are struggling, read between the lines.

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This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post about our HOME, click here.

Get Me Out Of Here?

Ever wonder if we are more like vultures than not? It occurred to me that we are actually just like them.

Over the weekend, our Church’s Cub Scout Pack spent the night at Brevard Zoo.  There were many safety rules, because of the children, the darkness, the animals, etc.

In the morning, before breakfast, we were still confined to a certain area to remain safe. Across from our cabin, I spotted the vulture cage. There was a wild vulture standing on the cage pole, with other vultures just a few feet away on the inside.

Couldn’t help but have this moment of truth fly through my brain and capture it on this one-take You Tube video:

Any of this sound familiar?

Christmas Gift for You

Thank You
Thank You

Do you celebrate anything this time of year? Some do and some don’t. No worries.

Today’s post is the conclusion from yesterday’s promise to reveal an important truth. Discovering it is like receiving a very special gift.

Spirituality is simply one of many diversity layers we should all respect, appreciate, value and encourage.

One Christmas tradition that many (not all) participate in is gift giving.

My Family celebrates Christmas and the birth of Jesus. Needed to tell you that so I can tell you this.

And here is my gift to you.

The only thing that can stop you is also deceptively simple.

And this thing that can stop you is so strong, a thousand warriors can not overcome this one lone obstacle.


Merry Christmas.

Number One Thing to Do

Out On The Ledge - Chicago
Out On The Ledge - Chicago

First of all, thanks for coming back. Can you believe today is Christmas eve?

Do you already now what I’m going to say?

It’s simple. Deceptively simple.

The number one thing to do is to create a compelling vision.  Period.


Not long winded. Not fancy. No big words.

It must also be impossible.  And it must be for some bigger purpose, meaning, not for yourself.

When you learn how to harness this powerful leadership success tip, there is nothing that can stop you. Nothing.

Well, hold on, there is one thing.  Do you know what it is?

Tomorrow is Christmas day and it’ll be my gift to you.