You know why many of us dislike “going to class”?

Mickey Mouse art
A friend makes these. Beth is my dental hygienist. She’s also a Disney Cast Member. She makes and uses the Mickey Mouse ears.


Everything that glitters is not gold

Some of the World’s most respected brands are susceptible to relapses to, or stagnation from, the very things they profess to have conquered.

This learning and development article highlights the deep need, and even deeper reluctance, to transform classroom instruction.


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Do we get to draw our own line on where to be intentional?

Rascal Flatts Unstoppable iTunes screen shot
Never play music with words or melodies people will recognize during individual workbook assignments


Why does Starbucks play music in their stores?

When you are in a Starbucks, do other conversations distract you?

Why have libraries historically insisted on silence?

When you are in a silent library, would other conversations distract you?

Now move to a classroom setting and the audience is asked to quietly think and write in their class guide.

Low volume classical music in the background?

No sound whatsoever?

Where in our workplace do we draw the line and no longer worry about being intentional?

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Freaky short story about what I told a colleague the day of the pain

Lee Cockerell and jeff noel 2010
First sentence in Lee Cockerell’s best-selling Creating Magic is the last one in this post


Freaky short story about what I told a colleague the day of the pain:

Me (10am): Hey, having a weird, constant pain for about two hours now. If I keel over and the paramedics ask questions, you can share that with them.

When he asked if he should see about a replacement speaker I said no.

Tough guy right? I can handle this. Did I really think it was potentially paramedic worthy? Not really. Just prudence kicking in.

Insight: It’s not the magic that makes it work, it’s the way we work that makes it magic.

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Old School, Got Dreams?

Got Dreams?
Got Dreams?

“You’ve been thinking like an adult since you were a kid”, she said in response to a story I had shared from my youth.

Told her about wanting to be a Physical Education teacher to help make people healthier, and help make the world a better place. I was in 8th Grade.

So here we are 37 years later, back on the mission to help make the world a healthier place.

Got dreams?