She said, he said, she said

The context here is two-fold…yesterday’s client had a fair amount of initial skepticism about hiring because she never heard of me, i don’t have any speaker videos, and i’m expensive. Simultaneously, i’m negotiating with a CEO for “Executive Coaching 201” level opportunity. More on this in a moment. Both opportunities are nearly identical – expensive […]

What would it take to reach a 201 level?

  If bi-monthly phone calls are executive coaching 101, what would it take to create a coaching 201 level? The Beatles traveled the world in search of answers. Fame, riches, and drugs weren’t enough. Most people, and especially C-Suite executives, are like the Beatles – at the top of their game and on a quest for something even […]

This is for the leaders who were too busy to notice

  Photo from yesterday. Post from 100 days ago… This is for the leaders (including me) who were too busy to notice. Knowing that my self-imposed deadline for death living is exactly three years from June 8, i will have to balance patience with a termination point. No easy task. Living with a deadline creates […]

The executive coach is only charging me a buck per session

  The executive coach is only charging me one dollar per session. He’s pursing an advanced, executive coaching certification. One requirement is to have five paying clients. We already have an incredibly trusting relationship because we’ve worked together at Disney Institute. We are both out on our own now. i’m receiving this coaching with the […]