Words, tone, body language

US Troops walking at base camp
Presidential rhetoric is a contrast in style and personality. Biden vs Trump. Biden vs Putin.

Words, tone, body language.

Words are important, but typically only 7% of a message’s meaning.

How words are said (tone) and the manner (body language) in which they are said constitute 93% of what the receiver interprets.

Communication is overwhelmingly more than words.

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Who Needs This?

“Who needs this”?, is stereotypically said in a sarcastic tone, and maybe even with our arms thrown up in the air is frustration.  Can you picture it?

But that’s not what I mean here.  Not today ever.

Today, in these tough economic times, these extraordinarily turbulent world times, we need this.

We need leaders.

Not managers.  Well, we need managers, but not as much as we desire leaders.

We need someone with passion to make a difference.

Most humans are hard-wired to do good – to make a difference.  But most are hard-wired, also, to fear.  Fear keeps good people, who want to make a difference, in the shadows, where it’s safe.

We don’t need any more people in the shadows.  it’s too crowded there. We need people to go out in the sun, and lead the others who want to make a difference, but have no one to follow.

jungle jeff’s Top Ten List

jungle jeff’s top ten list:

Today, my personal Leadership recipe:

  1. Vision – number one, it must be compelling, and impossible
  2. Passion – passion is unlike yeast, we need a ton of passion
  3. Communicationmore is better; daily
  4. Confidence – people love someone who believes “all the way”
  5. Structure – how great work gets done effectively, and quickly
  6. Teamworktogether, everyone achieves more
  7. Innovation –  fancy word for creativity; implementing creative ideas
  8. Measurement – you can’t improve what you don’t measure
  9. Results – this is why we are in business
  10. Fun – do what you love

Mix with courage, or, an indomitable will, and you have the opportunity to achieve what others say can’t be done.

Carpe diem, jungle jeff  🙂