Professionally Speaking

Geeks generally are not great speakers

David Laietta WordPress Orlando Word Camp 2014 organizer


(photo: David Laietta, WordPress Orlando 2014 Word Camp organizer getting the audience ready for the opening remarks. Yesterday, December 5, 2014.)

Geeks generally are not great speakers. And vice versa.

Hoping to some day pay back the Orlando WordPress community.

Note to self: enough waiting already. Okay?

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Social Media A Fad?

Is Social Media a fad?  It is if you’re utterly foolish or senseless.
(This You Tube video is oversized so we can view/read it better)



Is Social Media ( socialnomics ) a fad?  Did you know an utterly foolish and senseless person is defined as an idiot?   Strong language?  No. Simply a fact.

Did you know that ignoring facts (say, global warming) doesn’t make them go away?