Emails out of nowhere generally are spam

Glacier National Park
September 27, 2017…taken from inside rental car. Amazing.


Emails out of nowhere generally are spam.

And then there are ones that bring opportunity.

Like the one yesterday, with the potential for a keynote speech – but it conflicts with one of 2018’s five Glacier writing trips.

By the way, this is the third consecutive Summer i’ve not taken speaking engagements from May 30 – September 30.

And there’s an exception to literally every rule, except death and taxes.

Back to the email, the upside is it’s in the middle of a 10-day trip and a three-day break in the middle is doable.

The client saw me two months ago and liked what he saw.

Now he’s interested in bringing it to his annual global conference in Atlanta.

The call is in 3.5 hours.

Wish me luck.


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One of us is wrong, and it’s not me (right?)

Mountain range near Salt lake City from 20k feet
Classic “can’t see the forest for the trees” dilemma?


One of us is wrong, and it’s not me (right?). Conflict and adversity are an everyday part of business life.

For one, profit is the goal.

For the other, the reward.

How do they meet in the middle?

As soon as I tell you your wrong, you fight back even harder.

And likewise when you tell me I’m wrong.

Who, and what, gives… that is the question.

No easy answer, but we must lead with a balanced score card – how will any decision affect the finances, customers, and employees?

A great cost saver may unduly pressure employees, or negatively raise the customer’s hassle factor.

A helpful, nice to have, employee service may require money needed for key business drivers.

Great customer service may provide five-star service to a few at the expense of the general population.

These daily challenges are either the spice of life, or the bane of our existence.

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