My conscious was bothering me


You can reach a point in life that even the smallest miscommunication bothers you.

Purchased a new MacBook four days ago, and yesterday i took it back, unopened.

Bought it utilizing the back-to-school tax free incentive.

Went to purchase our third 11-inch MacBook Air, this one for Chapin as he enters High School.

Bought a 12-inch MacBook (not an “Air”) that is smaller, lighter, and has a bigger screen.

Since it’s a new Apple product, the temptation to own it tugged on my heart.

So i took it back explaining that it won’t be going to our Son and i’d like to pay the tax that we saved under the back-to-school premise.

Apple said either way it was legit and not to worry about it.

There is something about a 100% clear conscience that is priceless.

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