If Disney Ran Your Life

Culture, culture, culture, blah, blah, blah

Disney Customer Service Speakers
Moment in time…2013.


Without searching for this stuff, i (we all do) get exposed to it and often read the first bits to see if it excites me.

This culture article didn’t excite me, but it was intriguing so i read it all.

Throughout, to my trained ear, it sounded inflated.

Small business owners, especially those without a big name credibility anchor (like Disney, Apple, Google), must resort to wordsmithing messages that desperate C-Suite executives find alluring.

Kinda like the snake-oil salesman of the 1800’s.

i get it.

The world is a tough place to make a living.

And every “consulting” business that charges money to help organizations change their culture is vying for the CEO’s attention and a signed contract.

Make it sound amazing (and different from the others) or you don’t stand a chance.

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If Disney Ran Your Life

The opportunity of unpredictability

Tony Hsieh quote on culture
Your people are your brand. Your brand is what your people think and do, without thinking.


The opportunity of unpredictability.

Assume you are in less than decent health. Assume you’re in a physical state that had you concerned enough to, for the first time in your life, commit in your spirit to take life-preserving action.

Assuming this is you, and you went to a reputable gym, which of these identically priced offers would seem best, and why?

  • Buy a package allowing three visits per week with a personal trainer, which would be with any one of the many qualified personal trainers (decent variety)
  • Buy a package allowing three visits per week with a specifically assigned personal trainer

Assume that all trainers are professional and that their skills and abilities, while covering all the wellness fundamentals, vary based on their years in the business, education, personal experiences, previous clientele – both quantity and quality, their drive to tell you everything – even the stuff others wouldn’t want to confront you with, and based on their vision and commitment to your personal goals.

Which would you pick and why?

Now, switch that thinking to organizational culture health.




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