The most important question before spending money

Dear executive buyer, please keep asking yourself this question until you have a positive revelation. What is this contract worth after my organization is exposed to, and changed by, the expert’s assistance? What expenses will be slashed or eliminated? What is the difference in organizational health before and after we complete a year-long legitimate effort?  What […]

If you are not in a position to do the same, you’re stuck

  The following message is a copy and paste of an email exchange yesterday with someone seeking my time and advice. The famous Company is asking for a very detailed six-month proposal to elevate their company to world-class status without peer. Here’s the email i wrote… Ok, couple things…and all of this is my personal […]

The text came in last night that i had hoped wouldn’t

  The photo above is from my Honeymoon. It was a 17-day trip with $200 dollars in our pockets. We covered 600 miles. Not most 20-somethings’ vision of a Honeymoon. .think .differently Thinking, and more importantly doing, differently wasn’t learned at Disney, it was glorified. The text came in last night that i had hoped […]