Vision, Mission, Values, Brand

Nothing like an activity to enable your audience to feel and experience the insight.
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Vision, Mission, Values, Brand…

Vision: Humble servant

Mission: Live like Jesus

Values: Safety, Service, Simplicity

Brand: Hope

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Disclaimer Page

Jeff does not track nor use cookies.

Jeff is no longer employed by, nor represents in any way, The Walt Disney Company.

Jeff began his Disney career in 1982 and retired from Walt Disney World in 2014.

Jeff and Family continue to live less than one-mile from Walt Disney World. He has a Lifetime Disney Pass, and at times visits daily.

Please note: If you laugh out loud at work at least once a day (should be much more), your call with Jeff should/will be riddled with that. To arrange a discovery call with Jeff. He replies same day, but you already know that. lol

Backstory (hidden track #1): TEDx Talk from Kuwait…Speaker Agent told Jeff,

Dude, you’ve delivered 2,000 speeches but have no proof due to Disney’s strict ‘no recording’ policy. You’ve been in some of the biggest and most famous venues (New Orleans’ Superdome, New York City’s Madison Square Garden Theater, etc), we need to fix this. Are you okay if I pitch you for a TEDx Talk?

Ben Myatt, Thinking Heads Speakers Bureau (Madrid, Miami, Seoul)

Jeff agreed to it.

The TEDx Talk’s Going-the-Extra-Inch customer service breakthrough-reveal was a 10-minute speech. But Jeff wanted to use TED for a dual purpose: to showcase a variety of his trademark audience engagement tools. To play that out took an extra 10 minutes sprinkled throughout the content, plus…

An interesting note, first 90-seconds was unplanned audience energizer – not to be recorded.

Watch those first not-to-be-recorded 90 seconds, notice: (1) Energizer ingeniously turns into purposeful moment. (2) Exactly 90 seconds in, Jeff steps back in red dot’s center, takes a deep breath, and launches Talk with a simple question and profound pause.

.think .differently

Backstory #2 (hidden track #2): Jeff’s content and the paradigm-challenging methods he employs to share it, solve for literally any business issue you can name.

Jeff has a million (ok, maybe 500, lol) critical organizational leadership self-reflection questions. Here are 13 in five different threads:

  1. What’s the gap between your leadership’s current collective strength, and where you would love for the collective leadership strength to be? What do you gain by narrowing the gap? What do you lose (daily) by ignoring or under-focusing on this?
  2. What percentage of your entire organization knows why your company exists? What if that number was 100%? What’s holding you back from it already being 100%?
  3. Do your employees who never serve your end customers feel as though their internal customers are of equal importance? And do they prove it, judging by your employee survey scores?
  4. What grade do you give yourself for identifying every customer touchpoint? Does everyone consider that employees are customers too? Do your employee surveys clearly reveal a deep emotional connection to your leadership and your brand?
  5. Does every leader in your organization consider themselves in charge of creativity and innovation?

Can you envision a future where your answers to all these questions (and hundreds more) are world-class answers?

Thank you for investing your time to get this far. Impressive. Jeff put together a written summary of what a first call with Jeff covers. The summary goes to next-level deep in what to expect if you truly desire to be in the Olympic Finals. Enjoy the “Olympic Finals” possibilities here (link intentionally disabled).

Free Resources: A 100-episode Podcast, personal 24,000+ post Blog series, and of course, TED. Jeff’s first Book is inexpensive.

Return to Home Page here (link intentionally disabled).

Updated: Feb 08, 2022

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Don’t quote me on this

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. -Walt

Don’t quote me on this.


It’s been an intentional effort to rarely post quotes from other people on these five blogs.


In 2008 when i started writing, the notion of finding my own voice was intriguing.

Could i write with authority without quoting famous people?

Even crazier, could anything i write become quote-worthy?

If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

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Disney Keynote Speaker Takeaways and Executive Summary

Paradise Falls
Screen shot from Twitter yesterday. Mr Freidrickson had a clear, concise, and compelling vision to get to Paradise Falls.


Disney Customer Service Speakers
Hidden Disney Keynote Speaker here.


1)      Three key takeaways each for Leadership session and Customer focus session.  These will allow me to start working on a participant resource.  If those takeaways have a graphic associated (like the compass you mentioned), it will be really helpful to have those as well.

2)      An executive summary of the material for the three sessions you are leading (leadership, customer focus, and commitment).  I know you don’t provide your slides, and that is fine.  All of this will help me provide a design review to my Leaders, and I need the executive summary in order to provide that.

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Leadership takeaways:

  1. The single, most critical leadership tool is a clear, concise, compelling vision.
  2. Training and development are vastly different strategies for involvement.
  3. Why clear accountability is critical to organizational vibrancy.
  4. Commitment isn’t needed until the honeymoon-phase wears off.


Leadership Executive Summary:

Thesis: We judge ourselves on our intentions, others judge us on our behaviors.

Through the interactive session filled with questions, common sense, and paradox, participants will discover (or be reminded) that world-class organizational success rises or falls from your collective leadership culture. Each leader is CEO of You, Inc. Ultimately, world-class achievement and sustainability stems from your leaders.


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Customer Service takeaways:

  1. The bullseye for your organization’s customer service efforts needs to be so easy to hit that any employee at any time can do it blind-folded.
  2. Viewing your customers with a holistic, 360 Analysis, you have 300% more (than your competitors) ammunition for all employees to hit the bullseye every day, all day.
  3. The secret ingredient to create and sustain world-class customer service architecture is a unifying goal.
  4. Consistently delivering exceptional service is the key to being world-class and having a decision tree comprised of three or four prioritized service tenets ensures consistency day in and day out.


Customer Service Executive Summary:

Thesis: Exceed expectations, pay attention to detail.

Through the interactive session filled with questions, common sense, and paradox, participants will discover how you provide world-class surprise and delight for your customers. Great organizations outdistance their competition when every employee understands and becomes committed to your Customer Service architecture.



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Commitment Activity Takeaways:

  1. A small spark, a simple yet catalytic event, is the DNA of transformational change.
  2. Individually create and capture on paper an easy and simple goal with a 72-hour deadline to act as your catalyst.
  3. Writing a goal down and sharing it with an accountability partner doesn’t guarantee success, but makes success exponentially more likely to occur compared to when no commitment promise is made.


Commitment Activity Executive Summary:

Through simple and individual reflection of content, each participant commits to achieving a goal within 72 hours – the caveat being the goal cannot require Leadership, HR, or Finance approval. After participants write a letter addressed to themselves, they verbally exchange ideas (and contact information) with a colleague and pinky-swear to check on each other. The collective sense of accomplishment – and contribution – is a timely catalyst for the larger enterprise. Letters are mailed out so every participant can self-evaluate their results and formulate their next 72-hour challenge.


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What to expect from my Disney Leadership keynote speech

Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Coming Summer 2017…slated as the closing Keynote Speaker on July 21.


What to expect from my Disney Leadership keynote speech:


  • Exposure to the overarching thesis for Disney Leadership
  • Refocus on the power to unite an organization with a clear, concise, and compelling vision
  • Learn why development is different, and better, for creating an involved and committed workforce
  • Identify what type of involvement moves employees from compliant to committed
  • Uncover the key areas of leadership accountability Disney uses for world-class consistency
  • Discover five areas of focus Disney’s most committed leaders employ to inspire their employees all day, every day


Expect to be wowed.

Expect to question your daily routine.

Expect to .think .differently


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