Could This Change Your Life?

State Of The Union, 4/5

MBA is progressing as planned.

December saw records set for every metric, including:

  • 3,000+ visits, single day.
  • 80,000+ monthly visits.

It’s an easy time to struggle, yet it’s critical to push through the pain.

Are you?

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jungle jeff is….

jungle jeff is about your career, and managing your contribution to society. In other words…it’s your J-O-B! What you are paid to do. Society pays us according to our contribution.

It’s about personal leadership.Whatever you are, be a really good one.

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Are You Teaching Others?


To teach is to learn twice.

Are you teaching others?

This jungle jeff blog is about Money, and our contribution to society.

Do you teach those around you the relative significance to pursuing, discovering, and then harnessing their contribution to society?

You can cook the french fries, you can manage the restaurant, or you can own the franchise.

Each level has a certain skill set, a list of pros and cons, as well as a list of expectations.

Society pays us accordingly for that.

With money, we can buy food, shelter, transportation, insurance, help others, etc.

Are you teaching others?

No really

jungle jeff Is

Where Will Your Career Take You?
Where Will Your Career Take You?

jungle jeff Is:

  • An idea
  • One of Life’s Big Four
  • A Business
  • A Website
  • A Blog
  • A Way Of Thinking
  • Our Financial Responsibility
  • A Movement

Every ant in the ant mound and every bee in the bee hive makes a contribution. Same with humans. Generally speaking, society pays us money relative to our contribution.

With money, we can buy food, shelter, transportation, insurance, and help others.

Money isn’t the root of all evil, it is the love of money that is the trap. Making money is challenging. Investing it and growing it are even more so. But we need to figure it out – it’s our adult responsibility.