This Blog Is For My Son

This blog is for my son. Since it’s inception, it has always been for my son.  Period. People who know me well, are crystal clear that I do things purposefully. And when it looks like the path I’m walking is leading away from where we’re headed, it’s only because heading away is the best path […]

Do Daily Feats of Courage

Why daily?  “Seriously, you mean this doesn’t make immediate sense to you”? Commonly known as a habit, doing something over and over eventually makes it routine.  You knew that right? So did I.  And yet, the temptation, subconscious and conscious, to forget this fact is astronomical. Which brings us back to doing daily feats of […]

jungle jeff’s Top Ten List

jungle jeff’s top ten list: Today, my personal Leadership recipe: Vision – number one, it must be compelling, and impossible Passion – passion is unlike yeast, we need a ton of passion Communication – more is better; daily Confidence – people love someone who believes “all the way” Structure – how great work gets done effectively, […]