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We Ran Through Windermere, Where Tiger Lives
We Ran Through Windermere, Where Tiger Lives

One of the challenges with our business world is that the people who are capable of decision making are not capable of keeping up with technology. Many reasons for this, and it really doesn’t even matter.

Yet the people who keep up with technology and understand it’s potential, particularly with social media, are not in decision-making positions.

This forms an unfortunate paradox.

Every once in a while there are exceptions to the rule. I planted a seed with a fellow midlife runner on our Saturday run. Not sure he got it. Or that he can even remotely consider it.

Sooner, rather than later, this will create an opportunity point. Or not. And so it goes. Life. Hard decision. Risks. Boundary pushing.

But the potential rewards are enormous. Gigantic.

This is one of my favorite things about running. And about life.

And We Saw This
And We Saw This
And This
And This

Nothing Is Routine Anymore

Shot 5 You Tube Videos From Raft
Shot 5 You Tube Videos From Raft

Saturday mornings. Many people have rituals, routines, they do on Saturday mornings. Or any morning for that matter. And many of our routines depend on where we are in life.

What did you do this past Saturday? Was it a routine or was it out of the ordinary?

I went jogging with my Accountant on a route twice as long as normal, so we had much more time to talk.

With the advent of Reality Shows, Twitter, Skype, Blogs, and Texting, there is a case to be made for developing a new business model. Suppose a creative, restless, passionate entrepreneur paves the way for Reality Blogging.

Hire a CPA or Do It Yourself?

MBA courses insist you take accounting.  Ever hear an MBA student rave about their accounting classes?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to teach students what to look for in a good CPA?

Don’t leaders in organizations have finance departments?

Isn’t the leader’s purpose to lead? To set the course?  To dream, to communicate and to inspire the vision?

Maybe I’m missing something.  Maybe I’m not.

So, just wanted to get our minds thinking about this.

All I’m pointing out is that society places a certain “worth” on an MBA degree.  I’m not disagreeing with that.

Society also places a certain worth on reading the best selling business books.  Not disagreeing with that either.

For me, what it all comes down to is that degrees, or books, don’t matter much if you can’t translate what you know – into something much better than before.

It’s almost like buying a gym membership, or exercise equipment, but not using it.