Ever heard of thinking inside the box?

    Just a small sample of what i continuously think about… Did you know you can organize to maximize your organizational (and personal) creativity? Ever heard of thinking inside the box? Stumbled upon this Disney creativity and innovation keynote speech recap.   •  •  •  •  • This website is about our WORK. To ponder today’s post […]

An unprecedented Disney management reorganization

  Disney Lodgekeepers (housekeepers at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge) had an idea shortly after Disney’s Wilderness Lodge opened in 1994. To maximize daily efficiency with the fewest number of linen-room trips for supplies, Lodgekeepers packed as much onto their linen carts as possible. A heavy linen cart on a carpeted floor is hard to push. In […]

What would it take to reach a 201 level?

  If bi-monthly phone calls are executive coaching 101, what would it take to create a coaching 201 level? The Beatles traveled the world in search of answers. Fame, riches, and drugs weren’t enough. Most people, and especially C-Suite executives, are like the Beatles – at the top of their game and on a quest for something even […]

Creative problem solving, Disney Style

  Creative problem solving, Disney Style… Context: client and i are far apart on the daily fee for multi-day engagement. First, please let me apologize for not baking negotiation-room into my offer. This is such an anomaly and i simply assumed you know by now that i .think .differently about everything. Call Disney Institute and discover their parameters […]