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Personal reputation can be finicky

bicycling in Florida
Yesterday while running the second half of a 5-mile run.


bicycling in Florida
Even Mom’s cycling on the sidewalk.


bicycling in Florida
When i got home, i Googled sidewalk bicycling.


Bicycling on Florida sidewalks


Personal reputation can be finicky.

Someone (keeping him anonymous) told me sidewalk bicycling is illegal in Florida.

His comment came after i described how much and how far i was bicycling when i stopped running.

At the time, i didn’t think to ask him about all the school kids doing it.


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Can you build trust and credibility instantly?

LinkedIn message about speaking


Can you build trust and credibility instantly? Yes you can, but only if you earn it. And you can’t earn it if your soul and spirit aren’t soaked in authenticity.

It also helps if your resume is particularly remarkable.

Two days after meeting the co-founder of Dave’s House, Ron sent the message in the photo:

I may have a speaking engagement for you…

Arriving early and staying late at the event where Lee Cockerell was the keynote speaker was unintentionally beneficial.

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Professionally Speaking

Let your life be overweight?

Disney Cast Member entrance door
Two seconds later his smile was a mile wide.


Some professional speakers speak with authority because their life gives weight to their words.

As Walt Disney Cast Members, we are called to live weighty lives that speak nothing but happiness, excellence, creativity and magic.

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