Pants On The Ground

It’s time for a complete 180 degree turn from the jungle jeff “seriousness”. It’s time for complete nonsense and a laugh or two. You good with that? Who doesn’t like to laugh?  Humans were born with certain predispositions. Laughing is near the top of everyone’s list. Love or hate American Idol, it doesn’t matter to […]

Why Are You In Trouble?

Because you don’t have time to read this. Because you don’t have time to follow this leadership blog. Because you keep quoting others and have no quotes of your own. Because you keep waiting for someone else to change. Because you feel life isn’t fair. Because you talk a good talk, but don’t walk a […]

Walt Disney Said

Walt Disney said many profound things. There are few on Earth that think Walt Disney was stupid and misguided. Are you a Walt Disney fan? I mean, a fan of the man, the dreamer and doer? After several days of long jungle jeff blog posts, I’m cutting this one short with a simple and profound […]

Money, Money, Money….Money

“Money, Money, Money….Money“.  The O’Jays, 1974, For The Love of Money. I want to make a ton of money.  Seriously.  Enough to buy whatever I want. First on my list: A Cure for Crohn’s disease To take action, – to “put my money where my mouth is” – I’ve returned to school to earn my […]