Dan Cathy CEO Chick-fil-A Interviews Suzy Welsh And Christianity In Business Comes Up

This is today’s 2nd post at jungle jeff. Just (7pm) stumbled upon this video after watching Dan interview Seth Godin in today’s 1st post.

What deserves consideration is this interesting, and uncommon, Christian transparency from Suzy Welsh, Jack Welsh’s wife, and author of 10-10-10:

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Writing, Even If You’re The Only One That Ever Reads It, Will Help You

Dear Son, Dan Cathy, Chick-fil-A CEO talks with Seth Godin about leadership communication. Writing helps us see ourselves more clearly which makes us significantly more effective.

Writers must think, feel, experience, research, benchmark, network – all of these things are critical. Some cost time. Some money. Mostly, both. All are tax deductible.

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