Beware the well-worn paths

Epcot’s Voices of Liberty, in red, are holding their microphones in the hand corresponding with their place on stage. No one knows nor cares, except Disney. And me.

Beware the well-worn paths.

They never lead to breakthroughs.

Beware the dark, shadowy paths too.

The dark paths are the ones that eventually lead to breakthroughs, but on the journey much, if not everything, can be lost.

Learn to be a risk taker the same way you learn to save and invest money – slowly and a little bit at a time, over time.

The magic of compound interest for financial growth, sprinkled with faith, in the historically highest return, is stocks.

Non-financial and non-threatening, but uncomfortable risks using confidence, these investments will pay the highest “confidence” dividends over time.

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Believing in something as if your life depended on it is the most powerful position

Scene from God's not Dead
It will always be easier (initially) to back down – this decision could haunt us for a lifetime.


Dear Son, believing in something as if your life depended on it is the most powerful position from which to do your art.

The insidious danger is our motive isn’t pure.

But if it is, nothing can stop you.

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The 3 Worst Things That Happen The Closer You Get To Success

Much prettier than a 3-headed serpent.

Like a hideous three-headed serpent, the closer I get to success, the more these three dangers raise their ugly heads:

  1. Doubt – you forget how far you’ve come, and how much you’ve grown.
  2. Pressure – you want to speed up the process because you’re nearly there.
  3. Insecurity – why is this taking so long? This feeds doubt, reviving the cycle.

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