The fourth anniversary of Randy Pausch’s death still inspires a few

Jai Pausch, Randy’s wife, talks briefly about Randy, and his quest for pancreatic cancer funding.     The fifth anniversary of Randy Pausch’s death inspired millions, some who significantly changed after watching his Last Lecture video and reading his book by the same name. Last year’s anniversary post. Next Blog  

It Would Seem Like A Common Sense Decision To Go, To Make Mistakes, To Make Progress

The beautiful and wonderful thing about humans is that each of us is made so uniquely special. Deep down, every Baby Boomer knows this. As we get older, wiser, and more anxious about death (if we’re smart), we can leverage this moment in our lives – to do something great. Next Blog

Against All Odds

Yesterday….(Not the Beatles). Happy Birthday (yesterday) to Disneyland! Walt Disney said: “I knew if this business was ever to get anywhere, if this business was ever to grow, it could never do it by having to answer to someone unsympathetic to it’s possibilities, by having to answer to someone with only one thought or interest, […]

Live, before you die

Here’s a post written the other day. I was 35,000 feet in the air, traveling, and had just finished watching an inspirational movie, lent to me by a friend.  It’s long, so I understand if you’re too busy to read it.  Yet I wasn’t going to let that stop me from writing it.  Here goes: […]