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At Disney, the word leader is attached to every salaried Cast Member. It was like that when i started at The World Famous Jungle Cruise in 1982. It’s still like that today, 18 months since i retired.

There are leaders with direct reports and leaders as individual contributors. i was both during my 30-year tenure.

Leaders with direct reports definition: You’re the person in charge, you don’t do any of the work, but you’re responsible for the outcome.

Leader’s without direct reports: You are a salaried professional in a peer group of other salaried individual contributors, all reporting to a higher level leader (but not always the same higher level leader).

There is no limit to the amount of hours a salaried leader can work in one week. The weekly pay however, remains set whether you work 50 or 80 hours.

Front line Cast Members are fundamentally distinguished from salaried leaders by their hourly rate of pay – for each and every hour worked.

Make no mistake about the hierarchy though, everyone at Disney – every single Cast Member – is a leader.



Because every adult is a leader.

Every able bodied adult is the CEO of You, Inc.

Think about it.




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How to tell if you are a manager or a leader

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How to tell if you are a manager or a leader:

Next time you attend a leadership class, seminar, conference see if your thoughts go like this (either one or the other):

1. Wow, my leader sure has a lot of improvements to make.
2. I sure hope the speaker ends soon so I can go get started on making personal changes.

You’re welcome.

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What’s your definition of a leader?

How close are you to deciding for yourself…

Ground Zero rebuild

Here’s the paradox – everyone wants to be a great leader, but most can’t answer, “What’s the definition of a leader?“, with a quick and ready reply.

Then how does a person drive themselves to be one if they don’t even know what they believe?

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