i should have known better

Delta flight map
Can’t sleep with legs up against the wall unsupported. Too taxing behind the knees. Totally need the support.

i should have known better. 

Everything i envisioned on this trip, including the vision for the ultimate travel experience was crushed. 

Disproportionate time was spent trying to solve for what seemed like a bad dream. 

Nothing worked. 

And so it goes with air travel. 

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Not even the people at the top are immune

Apple Music selection screen shot
Two days ago. Important questions can be misinterpreted.


Two days ago, today’s (July 3) deadline got pushed back.

i’m flexible.

He’s overwhelmed.

Two CEO’s.

It happens.

No one is immune.

Not even the people at the top.

Consistency and time. Effort and patience. The long way is the short cut.

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