Yo, Mr. Delusional

Top frame. Red dot.
This: I’m not delusional. I’m an entrepreneur. True that.

Yo, Mr. Delusional.


How’s your business going?

If you’re a business owner, you know the answer.

If you’ve never owned your own business, you’ll never understand.

You can’t. It’s impossible to understand what you haven’t experienced.

This is neither good nor bad. It’s just a train of thought as i look at the GapingVoid art piece four feet from the keyboard i’m typing on for this post.

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They say

Disney Conference Speaker
Laura wrote down many of the things her mentor said.


They say the measure of a person’s integrity is what the person does that no one will ever know. So many colleagues have privately shared gratitude that he had no idea existed.

After 15 years of focused, disciplined, passionate, and intentional contribution at Disney Institute (DI), he left a quiet, indelible mark on DI’s karma.

An influence as soft as water, yet powerful enough to carve through stone given enough time. He had 15 gloriously intentional years.

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