Do the basics brilliantly

dental appointment card
Yesterday, Nov 1, 2016.


What are we if not the sum total of our days?

The dental practice employee came to the lobby, called my name (i was the only one there) and then escorted me to the exam room.

He began by telling me the “one-year process” would conclude in six weeks – a net of only 20 weeks, not 52.

i asked a few clarifying questions, for understanding, and he couldn’t answer them convincingly. So i rephrased them.

Still no luck.

Finally, i asked his name (Jordan) and shook his hand. i had been sitting for awhile in the exam chair, with the dental bib around my neck.

We had never met before, he was offering dramatically different news than the Doctor-prescribed protocol, he couldn’t answer the questions, and i had no idea his name or his role at the practice.

i was there simply (and routinely) to get three more sets of Invisalign braces (a six-week supply: trays 8, 9 & 10).

Excellence doesn’t end with the basics, but it certainly starts there. Introduce yourself to every patient. And every patient you meet for the first time, initiate a warm and friendly welcome, introduce yourself, and explain your role.




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