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He designs websites to do only three things

canvs office space in downtown Orlando


(photo: Two days ago at the Orlando WordPress mentoring meeting at canvs, Orlando’s newest office sharing community.)

We met two days ago. He is the IT director for a regional self-storage company. And he designs his websites to let his customers :

  1. buy
  2. pay
  3. contact

Self -storage. Who knew?

Everything his website does is designed to drive his customers to one of those three actions. Period.

He claims to have made $100,000 as a high school senior. He got into designing websites as a competition with his friends to see could be the best.

Asked him if what he had just shared was anywhere on his website. Why? Because it tells a potentially compelling story that may engage his audience to do what he hopes more often.

He also has an eight-year old son and he is not exactly at a healthy BMI for men his age (30’s). His path is probably not going to change unless he has a wakeup call.

Maybe we could barter.

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Professionally Speaking

Do we get to draw our own line on where to be intentional?

Rascal Flatts Unstoppable iTunes screen shot
Never play music with words or melodies people will recognize during individual workbook assignments


Why does Starbucks play music in their stores?

When you are in a Starbucks, do other conversations distract you?

Why have libraries historically insisted on silence?

When you are in a silent library, would other conversations distract you?

Now move to a classroom setting and the audience is asked to quietly think and write in their class guide.

Low volume classical music in the background?

No sound whatsoever?

Where in our workplace do we draw the line and no longer worry about being intentional?

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Could This Change Your Life?

There is a profound, and enduring beauty in simplicity

American Flag on homeowner's house
The flag went up for Independence Day 2001 (3 months before of 9/11)  and has remained everyday since


There is a profound, and enduring beauty in simplicity. In harmony. In seasonality.

In clarity.

In efficiency.

And ultimately, effectiveness.

Design is so much more than the way something looks. It’s how the whole thing works. And ultimately, design defines our experience.

What if we saw our life as something to be designed?

Something that wasn’t on the surface as much as what it was at the core.

About bringing order to our complexity.

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