Dear Son

Being the hungriest has its advantages

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You are the CEO of You, Inc. Motivation is your second greatest asset.


There is always going to be someone as hungry, and probably hungrier, than you.

Being the hungriest has its advantages.

It’s what has allowed me to get to where i am.

It’s what potentially allows others to take my spot in the business category i claim.


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Being Brave

Too bad, so sad is up to you

Disney Speakers jeff noel twitter profile
Twitter profile January 15, 2015


“How bad do you want it” is not a rhetorical question.

Do not shrink your dreams to allow others to remain in their comfort zone.

And do not procrastinate because you’re hoping others will eventually agree or approve.

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Do Not Pass Go

What do we do when we get paid the same no matter our effort?

Disneyland's Coke Corner half red, half white light bulb
With an odd number of sockets, there would be one pair of bulbs the same color together, unless someone did this


What motivates us to give more than we are paid to do?

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Do Not Pass Go

What we all want from our boss but would stumble to identify instantaneously

teenagers embracing
I’m his boss. What should a parent expect their child expects from them?


What we all want from our boss but would stumble to identify instantaneously:

Trust, respect, development.

Can’t believe decades went by before the answer to the question seemed important to know and be able to clearly articulate in an instant.

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It's Not Over Rated

Do You Want To Get Better Or Not?

It makes sense that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Do you want to get better or not? A simple question with two simple answers: Yes or no (maybe doesn’t cut it). It’s perfectly okay to be satisfied with your current job and pay. But if you’re not satisfied, do something or be quiet.

Insight: It’s not okay to want more or better, but never taking action. Either put up or shut up. Fair enough?

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