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The genius of Walt Disney Imagineers (video)


The genius of Walt Disney Imagineers is humbly captured in this video.

So many insights.

So discreetly revealed in such an understated way, most will miss the gold.

Quick story: For Fantasia, Walt had theater owners install special effects devices in their (small town) theaters, like a second pair of speakers in the rear so the audience would have “surround sound”. He had them install misters in the ceiling so you could “feel” the movie at the right moments. Red carpet from Main Street (USA) across the sidewalk to their theater’s entrance. Pre-printed show Playbills and ushers in tuxedos so arriving patrons would feel like they were attending a Broadway premier.

The theater owners didn’t do any of it.

They couldn’t grasp the vision and didn’t have the time nor money to go to these extremes for a movie that was passing through.


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Disney Brand Loyalty Book

Pay attention to details to exceed expectations

Disney Trash cans
Multiple versions.


Disney Trash cans
What it looks like with a nice coat of paint.


Disney Trash cans
But it’s the extra detail that makes it a Disney standard.


Pay attention to details to exceed expectations.

In business terms, most describe focusing on the details as the effort required to exceed customer expectations.

A wonderfully professional paint job isn’t enough.

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If Disney Ran Your Life

Classic Disney Imagineering storyboarding makes dreams a reality

Disney Jungle Canteen
Reading the menu..even the napkins are set to look like a spear head.


Disney Institute creativity speakers
The storyline was storyboarded in classic Disney Imagineer fashion.


Disney Business advisors
The attention to detail is extraordinary (aka over-focused).


Disney's jungle jeff noel speaker
From the Hippo pool section of the Jungle Cruise.


Disney Customer Service Speakers
“Always looking for a handout.” As you approach Schweitzer Falls.


Disney Institute Keynote Speakers
Trader Sam has a special deal for everyone just before returning to civilization.


The sensory overload was extended to the Cast Members, their behaviors, mannerisms, spiels, their costumes, and it literally had no end.

i’m excited to embellish this DNA with my new Disney Speaker website.




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If Disney Ran Your Life

Walt Disney on product differentiation

Walt Disney and the Tiki birds photo
(Photo: Disney blog) Walt said aim for perfection, settle for excellence.


Were does jeff noel’s zealous attitude for excellence, details, and being the best you can be come from?

Directly from the DNA of Walt Disney.

Walt Disney wanted the audio-animatronic birds to breathe. He wanted their chests to inflate as their lungs filled before beginning the next chorus.

Our Imagineers told him him it was too much perfection, the audience wouldn’t see it.

Walt told them, “They may not see it, but they’ll feel it.”

The biggest challenge any organization must overcome is how to get their employee culture to pay attention to the smallest of details – details lost on the visible eye. Details that if no one sees it, is it still worth it?

Details that make you different, and better, than your competitors.

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Being Brave

The real enemy to having an inspiring leadership culture

Fact: Consistency is the hallmark of world class customer service.

Insight: When an organizational culture doesn’t insist on paying attention to every detail, then employees and leaders will default to using their personal interpretation of what’s critical.

This is deadly to world class consistency.


Disney’s legendary attention to detail is driven by intentionally developing inspiring leaders. Here’s an example from yesterday, Valentine’s Day 2015.

Disney Customer Service (obviously Disney never uses the word Customer but i’m using it here to focus on external business world everyday language). Follow along with some Disney insider narration.

There’s a section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park that includes a replica of a traveling roadside carnival in small town America from a time long ago…


Disney Management Keynote Speaker


The traveling carnival would set up in small towns where there was ample space for their carnival rides. It was often in a large, relatively unused parking lot. Notice the faint parking space lines? See the cracked pavement? Who makes the connection? Probably no one. So why do it?


Disney Customer Service Speaker


It’s not uncommon for painted white tires to become a homemade curb marker. Tires are used because they’re no longer safe to drive on. They are rubber which is long-lasting. However, these are made of concrete because Guests Customers will use them as seats (see Guest Customer on far right?). By the way, constant sitting on these tires would eventually wear them down and make them unsafe.


Disney Customer Service Speaker


Guests People walk by all day (Guest Customer on right, shadow on left) and never notice nor care.


Disney Customer Service Speaker


Notice the difference in tread? Never before right? But now you see that attention to detail very clearly. Why do that?


Disney Customer Service Speaker


Only one of ten tires has it’s logo (GOOD~YEAR) showing.


Disney Customer Service Speaker


Just a bunch of random, worn out, abandoned tires being repurposed to save money. Just like in real life.


Disney Customer Service Speaker


Many organizations won’t pay attention to customer experience details because most customers will never notice many of the things being done for them. The logic, of course, is that if the customer won’t notice, don’t waste time and money.

Profit is the goal. (Or is profit the reward?) Depends on the leader’s vision.

Fear (of not meeting financial goals) is the enemy, not failure.

Failure is not permanent. Fear insidiously lasts a lifetime.

Quiz time: Are you an inspiring leader or an insidiously fearful leader?

The harsh reality is this: No one on your team will be more inspired than you. Without inspiration a so-called ‘leader’ is simply a manager.

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