Anyone Else Think Like This?

Eye spy whiff me whittle eye

Mickey Mouse shape in midwestern farm field from 35k feet


(photo: Mickey Mouse from 35k feet?)

We see what we want to see.

We pay attention to things that are important.

Which helps us see even more of what we want to see.

Even when we are not trying.

Imagine what an Orlando based Motivational Speaker sees, without even trying.

It’s crazy.

Annoys the hell out of some people.

Inspires the heck out of others.

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Professionally Speaking

The harsh reality is that we are tempted to not do this

Winnipeg Jets sweatshirt and teddy Bear
How’s our stamina for doing the little things?


It’s no secret that exceeding expectations is done simply by paying attention to all the details of the work.

The harsh reality is that we are tempted to not do this because many of the things we could easily do will go unnoticed.

Well, most people will not notice, but some will.

Do it for the ‘some’.

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Professionally Speaking

Our career goals strengthen when we finally learn

Willis Tower
Sears Tower, Willis Tower… does it really matter? Don’t confuse the details with the bigger picture.


Our career goals strengthen when we finally learn that being strategic and getting routine stuff done is synonymous.

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Professionally Speaking

Should businesses focus on the small details or the big details?

capitol theater
welcome back...

Trick question. Business should do both. But most don’t do the small, seemingly insignificant details because they don’t think enough people will notice. They’re mostly right.

But don’t we all know that it’s the businesses that do sweat the small stuff that create a great reputation? How? Compare today’s photo with yesterday”s…

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