Road closed due to fireworks

Disney World at night
Last night at 10:30pm Monorail beam below red lights.


Disney World at night
Heading home, but the road is closed due to Magic Kingdom fireworks. Space Mountain lit in a rose-colored glow.


Road closed due to fireworks.

Did a U-turn at Magic Kingdom cross-walk and then drove past Fort Wilderness and Golden Oak to get home.

Our three-hour dinner was a balance of personal and business.

The CEO apologized for the lateness of our meeting.

i told him, “It was time well spent.”

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Technically, i should still be working at Disney

Disney Dream restaurant design
The Enchanted Garden Restaurant onboard the Disney Dream cruise ship.


If it hadn’t been for the 2008-2009 economic crisis and the ensuing Disney layoffs, i’d still be working for Disney.

  1. i would not be an author.
  2. i would not be a business owner.
  3. i would not be a an executive coach.

i would have wound up with 40 years at Disney instead of 30, retiring in 2024 instead of 2014.


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Being Brave Means Putting A Plan In Place, And Being Willing To Detour But Not Quit

Detour the path if need be, but not the goal.

Nine days into 2012, are you (still) feeling brave? It’s up to us to feel this way. Every single day. Midlife Celebration’s plan has detoured, going places never intended. None of these was ever intended: wellness expert, work life balance expert, The Internet’s Only Five-A-Day Blogger, Cub Scout Chaplain, prolific blogger.

Two questions:

  1. Are you willing to detour?
  2. Are you willing to quit?

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