The similarities are different

Glacier easy trails
Trail of the Cedars is a flat trail, not quite a mile. Elevation maybe 4,000 feet.


Glacier easy trails
Hidden Lake trail is 3 miles round-trip and gains 500 feet elevation.


Glacier Hidden Lake Trail
The climb starts at 6,640 feet.


Glacier Hidden Lake Trail
Hidden Lake overlook somewhere near 7,000 feet.


Glacier Hidden Lake Trail
Mountain Goats frequent the area; it’s their home.


Glacier Hidden Lake Trail


Glacier Hidden Lake Trail
Hanging close to Mom.


Logan Pass parking lot in evening
Logan Pass parking lot thins out after 6pm.


Logan Pass parking lot in evening
She has an attentive audience.


Two hikes an hour apart. One shaded, short and flat with no visible wildlife. The other trail steep and longer, in the hot sun. The 3,000-foot altitude gain allowed the (hot) sun to feel complementary instead of adversarial. Rewarded with a hairy marmot and two mountain goats on our return descent to Logan Pass visitor’s center.




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On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.


He asked for advice and this is what i shared

Disney Executive Leadership Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Photo: David Smith. Yesterday morning.



First, some back story…

Everything looks good on paper, right?

But it’s actually doing the things, with the pressures and challenges of the real world. Theory is often impossible much harder than it looks.

If i was reaching out to a stranger for the first time, i’d look intentionally (but not forced) to find common ground, personally and professionally.

The way in is trust, and trust is built on honest relationships. Honest relationships are based on getting to know each other. Really knowing each other. Gobs of potential topics: kid’s names, hobbies, worries, goals, dreams, pet peeves and the list goes on.

And this should never feel manipulative.

The text book stuff about relationships didn’t become crystal clear until i retired. When you are the CEO of your own gig, everything is your fault. And everything is also your opportunity.

Other people are the key to building something wonderful.

But if you’re going to ask for something, give first.

Otherwise it feels kinda creepy. Desperate even.

Fast forward. An executive reaches out to me electronically asking for serious advice. But he did not give first. For example he could have made an introductory comment from something on my LinkedIn profile.

If people don’t find creative ways to talk about the whole person, all we see is a business mindset.

Everyone is a real person, including the CTO who asked without so much as a “good morning, nice to meet you”.

i was nice to him, and offered to answer any of his questions, anytime.

He offered nothing in return.

Two things: it comes with the territory, and don’t be that guy to others.

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