How many Orlando-based Disney Keynote Speakers can say this?

  As an army of one – a small business entrepreneur – you have responsibility for marketing yourself. This is challenging to do and appear humble simultaneously. Marketing’s primary job is to shine a spotlight on why their organization, their product, and their people are head-and-shoulders above the competition. Blogging allows random opportunities (like this […]

How are you different?

  It was an entirely new experience. A mashup between a keynote speech discovery call and a cultural transformation planning meeting. Keynote speeches are usually a one-and-done scenario. Yet we talked like there could be long-term opportunities. In reality, it’s my generous offer to expand the keynote speech. To offer more without increasing the price. Why? […]

The painful paradox of profit

  Began the rough draft yesterday to describe concisely what hiring me as a business advisor would look like. Have a client who wants transformation and world class consistency and operational excellence. Same client also wants this as cheaply as possible. She’s been taught to ruthlessly control costs. Profit is the goal for her, not […]